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Whether there is a complete plan or just an image of what the cruise could look like: we are there to shape your plan.

Just imagine: a beautiful autumn evening in Amsterdam, aboard our saloon boat Roos. Canal houses slowly pass by while you enjoy a tasty dinner with matching wines. Jazz music softly plays, the hostess refills your glass and you enjoy the view of the beautifully lit city.

We outline a few examples of what is possible at Rederij Nassau. Do you have a completely different idea? Please contact us, we like to think along.

Kingsdayon the water

Every year on 27 April, the country turns orange, and so do the Amsterdam canals. Everyone knows the iconic images of the countless boats on the canals. Are you ready for an unforgettable King’s Day?

Our boats are available exclusively for you and your friends/family/colleagues! Our skipper will guide you through the canals while the DJ spins the best beats. While partying with a beer, you will experience a King’s Day like never before!

All our packages include boat hire, DJ, skipper, and open bar. All our boats have a toilet, so you don’t even have to worry about that.

The prices below are total prices and cannot be calculated or deducted per person.

Hanneke (65 people)

10.30 – 14.30 € 6500,- excl VAT – BOOKED

15.15 – 19.15 € 6500,- excl VAT – BOOKED

WM1 (50 people)

10.30 – 14.30 € 5000,- excl VAT 

15.15 – 19.15 € 5000,- excl VAT – BOOKED

Abaco (45 people) / Nassau (45 people)

10.30 – 14.30 € 4500,- excl VAT

15.15 – 19.15 € 4500,- excl VAT – BOOKED


Gayprideon the water

Our boats are available exclusively for you and your friends/family/colleagues! We will get up early to claim the best spot along the Prinsengracht. While partying with a beer, it’s waiting for the first boats in the parade to come into sight. 

All our packages include boat rental, skipper, and open bar. All our boats have toilets, so you don’t even have to worry about that.

The prices below are total prices and cannot be calculated or deducted per person. Prices do not include vignette fees for the organisation. We will arrange this for you. Prices are not yet known. (Target price € 550 per boat.)

Hanneke (65 people)

12.00 – 18.00: € 5000,- excl VAT + vignette – BOOKED

WM1 (50 people)

12.00 – 18.00: € 5000,- excl VAT + vignette

Abaco (45 people) / Nassau (45 people)

12.00 – 18.00: € 4500,- excl VAT + vignette


cocktailson the water

Enjoying a cocktail is a party in itself, but it becomes even more fun on the water. During a cocktail workshop you can roll up your sleeves and start shaking the tastiest cocktails yourself, under the supervision of a professional bartender. Prefer to taste alone? Then opt for a cocktail tasting and learn more about flavors and combinations.

A non-alcoholic workshop or tasting is also possible.

volume is not a problem

silent disco

Fancy a party on board? During a silent disco the feet will be on the dancefloor! The municipality is imposing increasingly strict requirements on the playing of amplified music, which is why a silent disco is the perfect solution. The headphones are fitted with disco lights for an extra festive effect. Do you all dance to the same song, or are there different music channels? The choice is yours and with a phone or laptop with Spotify you can put on the music you want. A live DJ is also a possibility.

A silent disco on the Amsterdam canals is not only perfect for a party, but also as a unique teambuilding activity.


Meetings /Team building

The monthly team meeting yields much more by getting together outside the office walls. A different location excites creativity and brings people together. Let us organize your business day entirely – including a nutritious lunch and plenty of coffee and tea all day – and you can focus on what’s important to you at the time.

Get surprised by our vinologist

Wine tastingthrough the canals

Life is too short to drink bad wine. During a wine tasting on board of one of the boats of Rederij Nassau, you will learn more about this fascinating product. The tasting is completely customized, so it’s up to you whether you want to focus on different grape varieties, wineries or sparkling wines, for example. A vinologist explains everything while the group tastes and learns.

To make this happening complete, you can choose to serve tasty snacks. Extra fun: as a souvenir of this special trip you will receive a bottle of wine of your choice.

ultimate feeling of luxury

private dining

The ultimate feeling of luxury: a chef at your disposal for the entire afternoon or evening. During a dinner with a private chef, you can choose to have the dishes served out or in buffet form (a so-called ‘walking dinner’). Private dining is ideal for both large and small groups. A guaranteed special evening!

You should also consider the ‘dining deluxe’ option, whereby culinary dishes are served on board from well-known hotels and restaurants during the cruise. A tour along a number of beautiful places, but then over the water.

a special last journey

funeralon the water

A funeral on the water is a special final journey. We work closely with funeral directors to make funeral ceremonies as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Options include:
we like to think along

product presentationor -activation

Have you ever thought about doing a product presentation or activation on the water? The location is memorable and the possibilities are endless. We can completely transform our boats into the mood of the brand, including branding of the hull, windows and interior.

The event for Essie nail polish is a great example: along the way the boat stopped to let ladies on board and provide them with a fresh manicure. All creative ideas are welcome and we are happy to think along to make the presentation as personal and unique as possible.

official wedding location in Amsterdam

Weddingon the water

Experience an unforgettable wedding day on the water. Just imagine: a beautiful couple reading their vows while the boat sails under the Skinny Bridge. Well-dressed guests toasting on the brand new couple with champagne, or a swinging party to celebrate their love.

Official wedding location

All of Rederij Nassau’s boats are official wedding locations, which means that a ceremony on board is possible. Our boats can also be used as a unique transfer from the wedding location to a restaurant.
Consider also the reception or dinner (eg with private chef) to take place on board. We would like to give you the best day of your life!

We would like to invite you to come and see our boats without any obligation. A visit does not oblige you to anything and may give you interesting ideas.

facilities on board

Cruising through the heart of Amsterdam

All our boats can sail through the heart of Amsterdam. Maybe you choose to have a delicious private drink on the Amsterdam canals. Or would you like a transfer from your wedding location to a hotel in Amsterdam? Or perhaps you would like a wedding ceremony followed by a dinner on the Amstel or IJ river. If you choose for a wedding location in Amsterdam on the water we can help you with ideas or advice.

Come and have a look without obligation

We would like to invite you to visit one of our boats without any obligation. It does not oblige you to anything but at least it will give you nice ideas. Of course without any obligation.

You can call us for an appointment on:
+31 (0)20 782 88 88

our luxury boats