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Our fleet - saloon boat or open boat

Meet our fleet, consisting of five unique boats with a classic look, but equipped with all modern conveniences. And, not unimportant in our rainy country: the boats can be sailed at all times, in all weather conditions. Even our open boats can be completely covered. All our boats are also equipped with heating and a fully equipped toilet.


We like to see our city stay as beautiful as it is, which is why all of our boats are electric-driven. This is not only great for the environment, it also makes your experience on board extra peaceful without the noise of roaring engines.


We can rightly call her a grande dame, because our Hanneke is not only the largest boat of our fleet, but also the largest open boat in Amsterdam. Whether you come with 70 guests or only 20, on board of Hanneke it’s always cosy. Once owned by the popular restaurant ‘Hannekes Boom’, Hanneke is now one of the showpieces of Rederij Nassau. Because the boat is very wide, it is extremely suitable for the most diverse, creative ideas. Think of a product presentation, ceremony or workshop.


The boat that started it all and still one of the biggest eye-catchers of the Amsterdam canals: open boat Nassau. Whether you choose a route on the IJ or one of the beautiful canals, our captain will sail you effortlessly through the city. It is not necessary to stop along the way to visit a toilet and 230V outlets are also on board.

Saloon boat Roos

Our beauty Roos is as temperamental as she is flexible. The saloon boat is designed to be versatile. The windows and the roof can be opened completely and it is possible to fold away all the benches to create more space for a dancefloor or standing drinks. It is also possible to have a sit-down dinner for up to 28 people.
In bad weather, the windows remain closed and the central heating is switched on to ensure a comfortable temperature on board.

Saloon boat Havana

Our Havana, the first ‘saloonsloop’ in Amsterdam! She brings together the best of two worlds: the cosiness of an open boat and the allure of a classic saloon boat. The roof and the windows can be opened completely, which makes this boat perfect for a cosy drink or BBQ. In bad weather the boat roof and windows are closed and the open deck is covered. The closed saloon of the Havana gives a nice living room feeling. This makes it a wonderful place for a dinner with friends and family. The Havana is an excellent choice for both small and large groups.

Open boat Abaco

Named after a tropical island, imagine yourself on a wonderful vacation aboard our Abaco. The Abaco is spacious and fully equipped. Are you going to sit and enjoy the view of the canals or would you rather walk around with a drink? The choice is yours, there is plenty of room. This boat can also be completely covered and is equipped with a complete toilet. A perfect place for a company drink, wedding or birthday!

Salonboot WM1

Our newest addition is this sturdy saloon boat, the WM1. The saloon boat is designed in such a way that it can be used in many ways. For example, the windows and the roof can be opened completely, the interior space is quite spacious so that there is a lot of space available for a dance or drink. A sit-down dinner is also possible. There is a nice bar with a built-in tap. In bad weather, the windows will of course remain closed and the central heating will be switched on so that the temperature on board is comfortable.

All our boats can sail anywhere in Amsterdam, from the narrowest canals to the Amstel. In addition, the boats are IJ-worthy inspected, which means that we can also sail on the beautiful IJ.